Attention All Penguins



Community Server

A warm and friendly community awaits for you!

Remember you must be over 14 years old to join Discord*


Why are we moving Discord Servers?
Due to the fact the current Discord was intended for the CPF Server, and being that we are pursuing a separate title; It is best we utilize our own Discord Server and build our own community of players, and begin our new adventure with a fresh start!
Has anything changed in terms of plans for this project?
No; All plans are still proceeding, and we will be continuing with a Public Alpha Testing for everyone to get together and enjoy the Alpha Party and test out the new engine!
Are you looking for Staff?
Yes! Please check our Discord for information on how to submit an application.
Do you have any Socials?
Not yet! -- We will be creating a Twitter account shortly to post updates. -- We will link that on this website when that is ready to go!
What is Alpha Testing?
Alpha Testing will be a Private Testing round for 50 Selected Penguins to participate in helping us test the new Client/Servers, and make sure the infrastructure holds up, and get a glance at any Bugs we may be dealing with.
How do I become an Alpha Tester?
Alpha Testing has been opened to the Public! Everyone will have a chance to participate.
Do I get anything for being a Alpha Tester?
Of course! Not only do you get to experience an exclusive Alpha Launch Party -- You will be rewarded Exclusive Items in the Beta Launch including an optional Custom Player Card Badge + Skin to show off!
What is Pre-Registration?
We are offering Penguin's the ability to reserve their Penguin and Username before release. All Pre-Registered penguin's will receive a 10K Coin Bonus + Exclusive Items.
What is Account Migration?
At Beta Launch we will be offering Penguin's from the former server of CP Forever the ability to Migrate their existing account data to the new game.
How will I Migrate my account?
Upon registration, there are a couple scenarios:
1) You enter a Username that matches an existing CPF Account -- You will be offered the ability to Migrate.
2) You enter a Username that DOES NOT match an existing CPF Account -- You may select the Migrate option and Manually specify a CPF Username to Migrate from; with the option of either keeping that Username, OR using a different one.
When can I Pre-Register?
At this current time, registration is disabled. Alpha Testers that are selected and notified will be able to register using their Unique Alpha Code at the time of their Test Phase. All Players will be able to Pre-Register once all Alpha Test Phases have completed, and we move into Beta Testing. -- This will be announced closer to it's happening.
Do I get to keep my Data after Alpha Testing?
You will be able to keep your Penguin Account, and Exclusive Alpha Items. -- All Coins, Items (excl. Alpha Exclusive), Furniture, will be deleted in Beta Release.


Feel free to play any mini-game levels, you can also take pet puffles into games to earn more virtual coins. Collect rare quest prizes and more!


Create endless clothing combos, style yourself in the latest trends. Adopt and care for up to 75 pet puffles and decorate your igloo with tons of furniture!


Discover a new party every month, go on new quests and explore new rooms. All made with our commitment to safety for all players!